Kinetic and cameleon garments

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Cute Circuit, an interaction design consultancy and research lab founded by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, specializes in wearable computing, art installation and education.

They made the KineticDress that changes pattern when the wearer interacts with others or walks. If the wearer stands still or sits alone, the dress is just black, when she moves and interact with others the garment slowly lights up with a blue-circles pattern that creates a magic halo around the wearer.


The Skirteleon is a skirt chameleon based on a laminated fabric that changes color "on-demand". It is blue in the morning when the wearer is working, then shows a pattern with animal characters when the wearer is with friends for an drink, and in the evening it displays a japanese pattern.

There žs also Mystique, a dress that changes shape and length: in the beginning of the evening, it is pale gray, knee length and has a soft padded surface, at the end of the night it becomes long and changes color.

CuteCircuit will present their interactive garments and textile technologies during the Future Fashion event on November 6th at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam.

Via Doors of Perception.

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